Nullpoint is comprised of a dedicated team of MT4/5™ experts and has established strategic partnerships within the industry, therefore we are in the position to cover all your MT4/5™ related needs, including: Hosting, administration, custom development, consultancy and technical support.

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Reduce new development costs while simplifying the process:

Nullpoint MT4 Web API


  • Ability to perform trading server operations via web requests: account opening, account settings editing, balance and credit operations, account transfers.
  • Historical data retrieval calls to feed data-mining or BI services.
  • Built-in currency conversion for balance operations and account transfers.
  • Secured and encrypted communication by SSL protocol.


  • Eliminates the use of extra server-side MT4 plug-ins, allowing to reduce the unnecessary overload on the trading server.
  • Simplifies the development or integration with other services, no C++/Java development needed.
  • Multiple trading servers architecture can be integrated into a single-channel interface for the rest of the applications.

MT4/5 Hosting and Administration

Nullpoint has established strategic partnerships and is well positioned to offer unparalleled trading environment designs and implementations for your MT4/5™ Servers.

In addition, we can deploy multiple access points (MT4/5™ Data Centers) in strategic locations around the globe to minimize connectivity latencies between your valuable clients and your trading servers.

Our experienced team can also take care of monitoring your environment as well as configure everything according to your needs, from initial setup to daily adjustments, essentially becoming your own team of MT4/5™ administrators, developers and technical support professionals.

Nullpoint MT4/5™ Hosting and Administration

MT4/5 Development

Sooner or later, every Forex company has its own specific needs which cannot be satisfied with the out-of-the-box functionality of the MT4/5™ Platform. In such cases, companies need custom solutions in the form of MT4/5™ server plugins or external applications connecting to the MT4/5™ directly. Nullpoint can undertake custom development of such nature which will be designed and developed according to your specific needs.

Nullpoint MT4/5™ Development

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