Specifically conceived within the Forex market, Nullpoint’s IB Management System allows you to control and automate the entire process of commission and rebates generation. Furthermore, by using state-of-the-art technology directly integrated within your trading environment, you can now create custom multi-tier campaigns based on your specific criteria.

You can now offer to your partners your own branded premium IB portal with real-time insights about their referred clients and performance. Secured and accessible from any device.

Feature set

  • IBs and Partners administration and management tools.
  • Department overview dashboard.
  • Combinable single and multi-tiered campaign models: Rev. Share, Fix, PIP and CPA.
  • Automatic commission and rebates generation engine.
  • Custom campaigns creation and administration Panel.
  • Custom-branded premium IB Portal.
  • Performance insights.
  • Easy access to banners and tracking links.
  • Client rebates administration.
  • Payouts notifications and history.
  • Access to Sub IBs insights.
  • Referred clients, associated trading activity and financial reporting.


Unlimited number of tiers

Virtually unlimited tiers of affiliate commission generation based on the criteria you set.

Real-Time Updates

Gain full control over the process by analyzing each IB performance on-the-go.

Commission on a single trade level

The commission for each trade your clients make is instantly generated, calculated through the multi-tier algorithm and distributed accordingly.

Custom Reporting

You have instant access to extensive reports on your partner's activity: Client registrations, deposits/withdrawals, volume traded, commission/rebates generated and more.

Built-in Rebates System

Your IBs will have the ability to enable rebates, directly from their IB Portal, and specify the percentage per each individual client.

1-Click Payouts

Review the detailed breakdown of outstanding commission per IB, and proceed with the payment directly into their account.

Integrated within your Environment

Our trading platform web API allows a seamless and robust connection to your trading environment.

Tailored to your Needs

Fully customizable to fit seamlessly into your business model and trading environment.

Premium IB Portal

Provide your partners with all the necessary tools to monitor their performance and promote your brand.

Real-time updated and accessible from any device.

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