Consultancy & Custom Made Development.

As a team of experienced professionals in the areas of Forex & Binary, we are able to provide you with Consultancy regarding your Brokerage, including advisory derived from personal experience having to do with the operational side of your company, as well as provision of detailed case studies on how to make your organization more efficient through the IT side.

Products may include but are not limited to the following:

Custom Made Trading Rooms, Client Areas and Affiliate Portals

We are able to provide a full solution of such products, from the client-facing aspect all the way to connections to various trading platforms, payment gateways and any third-party integrations you might have.

Sales and Retention Tools

You will find all the tools you need to maximize the efficiency of your sales team, integrated with our CRM, including automated leads assignment algorithms, click-to-call options and Intelligent Retention systems. But if you need anything more than that, we are able to come up with ideas and solutions for any custom sales and retention tools you might need.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Having worked with and developed integration solutions for many payment gateway providers, we are in a position to handle such integrations to any of your current systems, third party or not.

MT4/5™ Plug-ins

Our experienced MT4/5™ team is able to provide with all the necessary MT4/5™ plug-ins that your Brokerage will need out of the box, but we are also in a position to provide any custom made plug-ins you will need, in order to make your platform communicate with any other services you want.

Generic Custom Development

Being a Software as a Service provider, we can take on any project or ideas that you might have outside the scope of the advance Broker operations. So in simple words, we are able to turn all of your ideas into robust, tailor-made Software Solutions.